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The Plan Tent

What is The Plan?

   The Plan is a short horror, independent film produced and filmed in Israel, alongside with the Israeli production company - Fourplay Studios. Directed by Daniel Fallik and Produced by Yotam Motzafi; The Plan was completed at the end of March, 2012.

​   The story is one that is close to the creator's heart - a personal experience told through a surreal and twisted setting. We hope you'll enjoy the film as much as we enjoyed making it.

Travel around the site for more information, such as Video Clips and Stills From the Set.


Language: English


The Plan brain


   Ben's dreams often mix with his surroundings. Years of self-neglect lead him to look back at his past decisions, unable to fully comprehend why he took a certain path in life, Ben travels through his twisted memories, unable to let go.

    However, Ben's memories are shattered and painted with darkness. His heart wishes to erase his past actions as he slowly drowns himself in misery and masochism. Ben travels through an important day in his life; a day that will never let him go. While venturing through his demented past, things slowly become clearer to him, but is drowning in his own thoughts enough to help Ben let go?​

Underground plan

Cast & Crew

film crew the plan


Yahav Winner

Boaz Ben Tzur

Yasha Soffer

Jonny Wexler


                       Producer   Yotam Motzafi

                         Director   Daniel Fallik

                  F.A. Director   Stav Koznitz

        Cinematographer   Nir Darvasi

                   F.A Camera   Anatoly Radchenko

                            Gaffer   Shlomi Ashtar

                        Key Grip   Noam Fallik

                              Grips   Amir Keinan

                                          Oron Itzakovitz

                   Art Director   Assaf Ohayon

                 Set Designer   Orly Cohen

              A. Art Director   Amit Amram

             Set Decorators   Dana Eylon

                                          Noam Fallik

                     Composer   Yaniv Raveh

                             Editor   Daniel Fallik

      Key Make-up Artist   Einat Arieli

Special Make-up Artist   Yasmin Baron

             Line Producers    Yotam Motzafi

                                            Nadav Abu

          Script Supervisor   Shany Jonas

                 Writer (Story)   Daniel Fallik

       Writer (Screenplay)   Yotam Motzafi

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